Help me diagnose myself

A screaming cry for help!

So last night I made a “Tuscan chicken dish” (from one of those facebook video Recipes) with the main ingredients being chicken thighs, spinach, tomatoes and a very considerate amount of heavy whipping cream. 
I’ve noticed I don’t agree well with dairy in the past since my weightloss but, being that I haven’t had a large amount of it for a while I didn’t think once would hurt. I wanted to try something a little different also. *BAD IDEA SUMMER! 

I’m pretty sure the dish came out as it was supposed to and some would probably have love it. But the taste was entirely TOO rich for me. (My boyfriend said the same)

I found myself scraping most of the sauce off the chicken and ultimately not quite finishing the rest. By the time I was done, my feet and hands were throbbing I had a headache and felt very tired. They must call it HEAVY whipping cream for a reason. I felt like 1000 pound block was placed on top of me. (No exaggeration) I ended up drinking a water bottle with two Tylenol before bed and knocked out. This morning I woke up, very groggy, sluggish and my body was very achy all over I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if I didn’t take the medicine before bed. I have absolutely no energy today and I can actually feel my depression wanting to rear its ugly little head.(but I’m trying to remain positive) Honestly I could probably go back to sleep until tomorrow. That’s how exhausted my body feels.
So knowing how often I eat chicken, spinach and tomatoes on a regular basis with nothing but a positive outcome, I know this feeling is caused by the heavy cream. 
Now my question is…

What is it that I’m actually allergic/intolerant/sensitive to? 
I can eat Greek yogurt all day with no problem, butter, sour cream and even mozzarella cheese and I’m fine

but things like…

 Milk (other than lactose free skim)

 Cheeses (except mozzarella)

 Ice creams

 and any other dairy products

all cause this annoying and painful reaction, which sometimes has lasted almost an entire week.


Needless to say, I don’t plan on consuming heavy whipping cream again period but I am dying to know what it is this reaction that I’m having caused by(specifically)!?
I try to stay away from anything with lactose in it, hence the lactaid milk and I do fun with that so I questioned it being just my lactose intolerance for a while but after digesting some dairy products fine I had to wonder was it something else specifically in the certain types of dairy products?  

I thought it could’ve possibly been a casein allergy but I don’t seem to have too many of the symptoms of that. 
I’ve even spoken to a doctor about it before. He told me to steer clear of dairy but never said what he thought it was either ?
Does anyone else have this problem or possibly know what the heck may be going on with me? 

Any opinion could help . 

Thanks for reading.



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