Preggo Diary | Entry #5

11:13am 37 weeks

This week Baby Ky is roughly the size of a “Winter Melon ” (which I’m honestly not too familiar with) Nonetheless, I believe anything with the word Melon in it is probably fitting. According to my doctor all tests and measurements look great.  His heartbeat is strong and he’s definitely head down. His head is very low but I’m not quite dilated yet. He is around a 6/ 6 1/2 pounder and growing at least half a lb a week.

Sorry to any of you that have actually been keeping up with my pregnancy. I know I’ve kinda left everyone hanging for a good little while but I’m back and here to share a few days before they strap on my snazzy hospital bracelet and my little life changes forever ! 🙂

Too many Decisions and even more Revisions;
 Birth plans, Breastfeeding and One big baby

until the past week or so, I didn’t give too much thought to the idea of labor and delivery nor how “I wanted” everything to go. I knew where I’d be delivering and who I wanted to be there. I even started sporadically jotting down a couple birth plan type notes in my notebook but I didn’t put even a thought into pain management, more personal preferences or recovery. Now, after “Mommy and Daddy” spent our past Saturday sitting in on an 8 hr Childbirth prep class I’ve most certainly changed my tune.
The women teaching the class stated that Birth plans aren’t followed often anymore and most people don’t even bother writing them down.

” Well Lady, I STILL plan on writing one down and expect all my simple requests to be followed!” Considering (1.) I plan for this to be my first and hopefully last pregnancy and (2.) These days I’d probably forget my nipples if they weren’t attached so i don’t want to have to make all these decisions last minute. So with that being said, here are most of my plans and Preferences…

  • I want to labor as Naturally as I can bear but if I come to the conclusion that “I don’t know WTF I was thinking!” mid- contraction, I’ll probably have them pump up the IV with the goods. Pain meds but 
  • NO epidural! I do not want to be confined to a bed.
  • I want to wait as long as possible to be hooked up to an IV with fluids.
  • I want very dim lighting in the room until I’m dialated and pushing. I plan on bringing my salt lamp, playlist and oil diffuser in hopes it will set a more “me ambience in the room” and help to keep the oxytocin flowin…
  • I definitely plan on using the big tub they have in the labor room and even have Chris get in with me.
  • When it comes time, of course I want Him to cut the Cord.
  • I want to skin to skin as long as possible before taking out of the room. 
  • I want minimal visitors other than immediate family at the hospital. 

I don’t think these are crazy off-the-wall requests but I do want to remember this as a “good” experience if you could call it that.

 Life at Home

As I am still working full time until my 39th week, you can imagine I’m not home very much and when I am it’s basically a cook, eat, “relax” and sleep schedule. Physically, I’m still somewhat comfortable. If I don’t sit or stand for too long I’m usually cool but waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find a comfortable position has been almost impossible for the last 2 weeks. From what I was told earlier in pregnancy from other moms, I thought I would be completely miserable and feeling close to death by this point but honestly, The “physical woes” are not as bad as I thought. (Says the woman who hasn’t experienced even one contraction yet, right!? Yeah…) Luckily I haven’t had to make crazy trips to the bathroom throughout the night but all throughout the day is a different story. There are some moments where I get completely out of breath (out of nowhere) and have to sit down for awhile, which has been annoying. I don’t feel comfortable or appealing in anything I wear anymore and there’s no way my nipples will ever go back to “normal”. So you can pretty much imagine I’m ready to evict this kid.

As far as my “gym life” and workout routine goes… I’ve been pretty slump the last month or so. I haven’t got out much besides the few times i get a small workout in here and there but I’ve managed to keep up with pretty healthy eating habits for the most part. I do However, plan on wobbling my pregnant booty to the gym a few good times this month to strengthen up some of these rusty ol’ muscles and get a few good laps in. hoping it will help a little with labor.
Most everything packed is for our hospital stay. I have everything situated in the nursery with the exception of some frames here and there. I’m still working on getting a few other things around the house organized before the big day but nothing too crazy. I’d say we’re pretty much set, just waiting on little man.

*I plan on posting what I have in my hospital bags and a nursery tour pretty soon …

Oh and btw,  Our diaper/wipe fortress happens to be well armed for a good while -thank god.

Speaking of Fortress, Chris has managed to hold down out fort pretty well. He keeps me from stressing out too much and gets me whatever I want to eat, usually right when I want it, ha! I just feel bad for him once real contractions start… bless his soul.

I can’t believe we’re getting so close. It’s been a wild ride and besides a bunch of dirty diapers and sleepless nights, I can’t imagine what the next few months has in store. I’d be telling the biggest lie if I said I wasn’t anxious and scared out of my mind but I’m also so excited. The whole “your life is going to change forever” doesn’t seem so threatening anymore. Mommy can’t wait to meet you baby boy 💙 -Love you 

Here are a few shots from our spontaneously casual, Maternity shoot this past weekend.



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