5 months later… (My New family, YouTube and a very unexpected Weight loss journey turn

Okay, I know the title sounds a bit grim but these last 5 months haven't been a complete bust. A few major adjustments but not all bad. Very life changing to say the least…

For starters, I continue to work with the same family I have for the past 2 (almost 3) years. They consider me pretty much family as I do them but needless to say we keep things professional as we need to.
I've showed them dependability from the very start and they've always done the same. The kids love me, the parents trust me with their crazy kids and the pay is fair so I couldn't ask for much more. Not to mention, I get to take Ky to work. Of course this can make things stressful with a full house but it's such a blessing to watch him grow, learn and be his teacher.

Life for Chris and I is non-stop. I never imagined being this busy in my life. I literally have NO real down time to myself anymore. Between both of us working an average of 10-12hr days through the week and taking care of "Our 5 month old Master" who believes ANY bottle in his sight is a reason to scream bloody murder, we barely have time to blink.
So you can imagine trying to get anything else done, let alone try to actually relax.
The weekends are a bit more chill if Ky is with his grands "Henna & GP" or we're visiting with fam. otherwise most of the time the weekend is spent taking turns going to the gym and watching Ky so we clean the house, do laundry and get everything ready to do it all again the next week. Sounds fun, right!?
If only there were about 17 1/2 more hours in the day maybe it'd be a different story… maybe.

Like I said, it's not all bad though. We have those moments when we want nothing else than to play with Ky and keep him giggling and entertained. Watching him grow and learn new things just makes our day. Having Ky has obviously brought us a new purpose in life but he's also brought us closer in a way I can't quite explain. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday work & parent life but when we do get those few baby-free moments it's nice to have that one on one again.
It reminds us how very much in love we still are and gives us that time to relax, unwind and just put the over all intimacy factor back into play. (But don't expect any more kiddos coming anytime soon.)

Life behind the Play button

So being that a lot of you lovelies have most likely discovered this blog through my YouTube link you already know of my channel but, for those of you who don't I finally made it happen.
After so many questions of when I was going to start a channel, I finally got myself together, gathered a bit of tech gear and hit the red button. I went from zero to about 20K subscribers in just a couple weeks so I made a promise to myself that I was going to continue to record and upload as much as possible.
Of course you could imagine the overall topic on the channel is weight loss and fitness but I have tested the waters and uploaded a few other vids as well. I even uploaded our first family vlog which you can click and watch here!

In my free time I definitely plan to continue working on my channel, getting better with my content and loving on all my subbies whenever I can. I'd love to be full time YouTube one day!

Mom, The stress did it!

So being that I'm 5 months postpartum and totally clear to get back to a "normal routine" I've done my best to do so. Returning to my colorful (very healthy) diet, getting back to "Gainzville" in the gym and working on my overall weight loss in general… simple enough.
Well all was going pretty great for the first 3/4 months. I was getting my strength back, losing fat and gaining muscle slowly but surely. I wasn't even having cravings to eat anything out of the norm. This was all until I made the "Conscious" decision to get on birth control. Of course being that I'm not very interested in having anymore kids and especially at this point, Chris and I both thought this was the best idea (for now until we would change our minds)
That was until about a month ago.

My hormones are now going Absolutely CRAZY! My body is in a constant state of stress and it's become very hard to manage my day to day life.

My body has nearly shut down on me quite a few times and will no longer tolerate me forcing any more stress on her. Whether that be physical, day to day or emotional stress, issa no no. It's got to the point where Ive snapped. I've broke down quite a few times, my body won't tolerate any physical activity other than walking and I have absolutely no energy whatsoever unless I'm constantly eating protein. It's even effecting much of my cognitive functions. Talk about brain fog! I've always had kind of a sucky memory but I can literally forget what I'm talking about mid sentence. You can imagine this totally sucks! My muscles are constantly achy and I can't get restful sleep to save my life. so weight-loss is pretty much at a complete standstill right now until my body can drop the fight mode and pick the flight.

I suspect Adrenal Fatigue is the culprit but I'm going to save that for the next post. Trust! I have a mouth & mind full…

Until then, thanks for sticking around when I totally just "up and skipped town" on you guys.
*I'm going to start posting more on the blog more, especially when I don't get the chance to record.

Love you guys.


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