What is Day1Million?

     For every time I said No. For every time I said I’ll start another day. for every time I felt sorry for myself or gave up, gave in and quit.

For years I dreamt of change. I dreamt of what it would be like to feel, look and move differently but that was my biggest problem. I was only a dreamer. A visionary without a cause. I painted such beautiful visuals in my mind but had I no blueprints, no plan of how I would ever reach this far away destination. So I continued moving through life aimlessly. with no direction or guidance.

It took what felt like hundreds of times restarting an endless race, Thousands of days of failures, and countless hrs of tears to reach my lowest point where there was no other option but to give it one last try, with everything I had. With nothing left to lose but weight and an entire life gain. After so many times trying and giving up this was the millionth try. This last chance would be my DAY1MILLION.

I Started my vision of Day1million as a private Group on Facebook which I created to keep myself Accountable. After about a month into my Journey began, added family and friends to the group. now 2 years later, it has grown to 5,000+ members and growing along with my Youtube Channel documenting my progress. I knew I wasn’t the only one fighting this battle and it was important that I continued to stay consistent, shared my story, helped to motivate others on the same path.

For Everyone has the Days where we give up, where we start over or where we feel like complete failures but we also have that one thing. We have another chance. A fresh start. A new day. Our Day1Million.

Day1Million continues to be the story of my continuous Weight loss/ Fitness Journey.