Chapter 23: The Birthday blues

JANUARY 11th 2016

Today is My 23rd birthday. Short, straight and to the point enough…I guess.

Normally the words”It’s my birthday” come off a lot more ecstatic from me. At least followed by an unnecessary amount of exclamations or emojis or SOMETHING, but not this birthday. This year feels so different from all the rest.

I woke up first thing this morning wondering “How can I make this birthday memorable?” I’m so Big on celebrating my birthday like a Princess, sometimes for almost the entire month. I’ve always had a habit of trying to top each birthday better and better than the last so the fact that i didn’t plan anything this year kinda left me with big Question Mark above my head. Scratch the fact that I’m pregnant as hell and can barely sit comfortably anymore. That actually didn’t bother me too much plus I already knew that was coming for months. I thought (“Hmmm”,maybe it’s the fact that I’m sober?) nope, not that either. I barely drink anyway or turn up anymore anyways. Maybe it’s just the thought that I’m actually getting older and birthdays are starting to just become a good reminder of that. My brother always told me “Enjoy your Youth!” and it always seemed to go in one ear and out the other but now that we are both about to be parents I don’t hear that from him anymore.  I laid around the house most of the morning with all this floating around my head until Chris woke up , kissed me and told me Happy Birthday. Right then I felt about 23 years better.

everything that had been racing through my head all morning… POOF! Gone. Just like that. I realized this year might be a little bit different from the rest but honestly in this world, I’m blessed to even see as many birthdays as I have and to have the love of my life here to spend it with me is truly of gift in itself. All day long, he made sure to tell me Happy birthday. He took me out to the very restaurant i wanted, bought me some Expensive organic cupcakes, A beautiful card and more gifts on top of that. He honestly made me feel so specical and not to mention, I had over 200 wish me happy birthday.

So in the end, I think “Princess” still ended up getting to wear her crown. 🙂

Peninsula Town Center – Hampton, Va


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