Preggo Diary | Entry 2

Half Baked; 20 weeks & 20 more…

10:45 pm  20weeks

So today I hit the 20 week mark in my pregnancy, which means I’ve had this little one on board with me for 5 months now and although I can hardly believe time has flew by this quickIy, I have a feeling these last few months are going drag on like the longest of my life. 

I’m finally beginning to show (on some days) but most days I just look like I’ve completely let myself go. Best of both worlds, huh? Not so much. I try to continue to carry my butt to the gym as often as I normally did, which I’ve been miserably failing at lately. Plus when I do manage to go, I get out of breath so easily and can’t do any of my normal work out routines… a bit discouraging even though I know it’s all temporary changes my body is going through to accommodate baby. Working out to be “my fittest” has literally become my life and not being able to push myself like I normally would is taking some harsh getting-used-to.

Although, despite all of this I’m beginning to find the beauty in this maddeness. I notice I’m enjoying food a lot more lately… (Imagine that!? A pregnant woman enjoying food.) but honestly, even beyond satisfying the preggo cravings, food is just so much more pleasing.  I’ve managed to stick to a pretty healthy diet overall but I’m not beating myself up over every little cookie or slice of pizza, I’ve even allowed myself to eat mashed potatoes. (if any of you know how I feel about them, you know how epic this is.)

I’ve also ditched the long acrylics and hair extensions, even make-up almost all together (also Epic!) and rather than feeling ugly or not like myself, I’ve embraced my natural beauty so much more. My skin has its days when the hormones wanna act up, changing pigment and minor acne but for the most part it’s all good.

Then ofcorse I still have my self-conscious moments where I feel like The worlds only cow but, at the same time I’ve let so many of those insecurities go.

Pregnancy has an amazingly emotional, frustrating, long and unpredictable journey.

-Side notes ♡

How much weight have you gained? So far I’ve gained a total of 11lbs during the whole pregnancy, which fluctuates day to day depending what I eat.

Cravings? Whole grain bagels, cereals, avocado, shrimp, starfruit, pizza, buffalo wings, cookies

What do you have for the baby? So far all we have are a few books, two snuggly unisex jumpers and some Honest Co. baby products but come tomorrow, after our appt. that will all change.

Tomorrow is the big day! The one we’ve been anticipating since our first prenatal visit! Our 20 week ultrasound appt. and the day we find out the sex. As I mentioned before I was all for #teampink and Chris, #Teamblue but over the last few days and last nights prayer service, I will totally be happy with a healthy bouncing baby girl or boy! As I rest my head on the pillow tonight, my brain will be running at cheetah speeds but my heart will be at ease. 



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