Health(ier) Christmas cookie craze

Obviously this post is a bit overdue but, I unplugged from phone/ internet and spent more time with my loved ones this holiday.

 However, I did spend a good amount of evenings baking my version of some christmas cookie favorites. I also tried a couple Pinterest recipes for “healthy Christmas cookies” and although I wouldn’t usually associate the words “cookie and healthy” together, I admit a lot of these may have tipped the scale. Many of the recipes replaced all purpose/ white flours with healthier nut flours or oats along with different substitutions for shortenings and granulated sugar. So even though I still may have overindulged a bit, I was left with so much less guilt and bloating. Oh and NO crazy sugar spikes. 

Chris and I gobbled a bunch of ’em and I also put together some together for Family and friends and they seem to like them as well so I think most of them will definitely become a regular tradition at our house.  

Since I did put my own spin on most of these cookies I don’t have exact recipes for each but if there is any specific cookie you were interested in making, comment  below and I can probably get one together for you 🙂

Note: many of these recipes were topped with candies or regular icing but most if not all of them are totally optional. 

(GF) = Gluten Free

Dark Chocolate Sea salt Thumbprints

Moose Munch cookies (added m&ms)

Cocoa peppermint brownie bites (GF)

Almond shortbread White chocolate raspberry Thumprints (GF)

GF Christmas shortbreads (added + dark chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles and strawberries pie filling)

With all these recipes looking and tasting pretty amazing, my very favorite would have to be The gluten free dark chocolate shortbreads and least favorite would probably be the brownie bites, just because I don’t usually prefer extra chocolatey treats. 

Which do you think would be your favorite??? 


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