Preggo Diary | Entry 4

7:57 pm 29weeks
Finally made it to the 3rd trimester. Baby K is about the size of a cabbage now.  Feels like just yesterday I flipped the Pee stick. Time really does fly. Luckily, everything’s been going pretty smooth over the last few weeks. Although I am starting to have pains in my lower back I’ve actually been sleeping pretty comfortably in my own bed  and (knock on wood) I’m even still managing to sleep through the night.  As far as food cravings, Nothing too crazy but I have been wanting avocados a lot more lately. sends me or bae on frequent trips to Tropical smoothie Cafe for my fave “Avocolada” smoothie. (Please try one if you never have! & thank me later.)

Nesting Nelly with the big Ol’ Belly…

With the big day less than two months away, I really want to start getting the nursery together and the house clean and in order. I’m having so much fun with the theme I picked for his room and Chris’s mom has been more than helpful during the process. I have a few more select pieces I want to order and some shelves I want to get up but all is coming together  beautifully.

A couple nights ago, I was laying in the bed after I took a shower, rubbing oil on my belly when I felt Ky’s first really strong kicks, or maybe punches being that he hasn’t turned head down yet. I got so excited and began talking to him and nudging him a little. Hoping he would do it again and sure enough, I moved my hands away and he punched me right back.  My heart totally melted. I called Chris right away and he came running upstairs. “He’s Kicking, He’s kicking!!” i told him.  “Watch my belly…” but by then he was comfortable and done moving around for awhile. The next night we were watching a movie and Chris laid his head in my lap. he starting laughing at some part during the movie and Ky kicked him right in his head. we both laughed. I think he was surprised the baby could kick that hard. I said, “Just wait a couple more weeks, his kicks will get even stronger!”

We had an appointment this past week before Christmas with “Fetal Fun Photos” to get our last 3D Ultrasounds done with DVD and Heartbeat bears for Ky’s grandparents Christmas gift (Which they loved, btw.) but stubborn Ky wanted to cover his face the entire time, so we get to go back again next week for another complementary session. Im so excited/ anxious.


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