Preggo Diary | Entry 3 

With pictures 🙂

10:45 pm  21weeks

Baby K is now the size of a full grown carrot! All went well at last weeks anatomy scan. We were so delighted to find out that we are having a Healthy little… “Dramatic pause and drum roll“…BABY!  Sorry if you actually managed to get even a little excited. No spilling the gender beans until the Reveal party in 2 more weeks. Although, I will say “Omelette” has made the much anticipated transition to “Baby K” I’m slightly ecstatic to write that everywhere. I haven’t had too many specific food cravings, although I do tend to want carbs a lot more and sometimes sweets right before bed. I’ve tried my best to avoid those but it’s beginning to get harder to deny myself of anything “i’m” wanting in the moment. Weight gain is still moderate. I’ve been fluctuating between 210-220 for the past weeks. but most exciting update of all… Baby K has started to let their presence be known and brought gloves to the ring. finally feeling the little jabs a lot more often especially late at night and when I’m driving for some reason. I’m starting to fall in love more and more everyday.
Baby K makes appearances on some days, then on others you still can’t tell I’m pregnant at all… minus the swollen, puffy mom face. I’m 5 months in..

 October’s last evenings

It’s been about two weeks into our new place and I haven’t wasted any time when it comes to unpacking. The second we broke down the first cardboard box, I went to work. So now, it pretty much looks like we’ve lived here for months. (that’s a good thing, btw.) I still have a few pieces to hang and some good photos to frame but other then that I’d say i’m managing to subtlety slay the place. Everything’s coming together beautifully. Go Summer!

I’ve also been keeping busy with a bunch of fun decorative DIYs around the house and  even managed to do some chefin in the new kitchen.  Plus, I think I’m totally feeling the holiday spirit this year so i’ll probably be finding some festive recipes through the season.

I honestly can’t believe its almost November. Halloween snuck up on me hard this year. Quicker than i even had time to pick out the perfect costume (so unlike me). But nevertheless, still had fun and this chick is ending October a very happy mama.  The Blankets, Hot Cocoa, Crisp Autumny candles, Horror flicks and boo lovin is is full effect.


Chris and I had to go get an estimate done on some damage to our car, when i managed to stumble across a display of shiny colorful jewelry and the beautiful, glowing orange light of a Himalayan salt lamp. As I took a closer look at a few trinkets in the outside display, I noticed inviting hints of lilac and vanillas wafting out of the small walk-in closet sized shop. I just knew I had too!  It was owned by a the sweetest little women from Chile. After inviting me into her shop and telling me how she hand-crafted every piece in her shop, I  just knew I wouldn’t leave empty handed. I was absolutely love-struck. There was more jewelry, Essential Oils galore and about 20 more Salt lamps lighting every crevice and corner of the store. I had been looking to purchase one for a couple months prior but never got around to finding the perfect one. she had such a variety of shapes, sizes and even colors, I took me forever to find “The One” but, I did. It was perfect! It looks amazing sitting right next to my bed and brings me such peace and tranquility to our space. This find totally made my whole day.


With our Gen Reveal party right around the corner and being that we’re having it in November, It felt only right to throw this fun little spin on the decor. I headed to my local craft supply and grabbed some baby blue and pink paint in got down to business. After the reveal I plan on using  the “Winning pumpkin” in a photo shoot, then setting it outside our front door with “It’s a Girl/Boy) written on it until we start breaking out the Christmas decor.


My sweet tooth cravings sent me on the hunt for my favorite Red velvet Brownies. So after a hit and miss at first the grocery stores I checked, Walmart came through with the goods. I just love baking in the cool autumn evenings. I think Baby K does too!


My first Night out in who even knows how long. One of my (also preggo) best friends invited and convinced me to head out with her and some friends to Top golf for the night. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited at first and either was. Pregnancy has turned me into somewhat of a house mouse but, I manged to dust off my make up vanity and throw on sum sum and head out on the town and honestly, I’m so happy I did! it was an amazing  night with great people and some bomb food.



Literally spent most of my Sunday morning and too much money on trying to make a 2, 4 and 8 year old’s Halloween one to remember. It was worth it to hear they pranced through the streets, trick-or-treating with there light sticks and full candy bags 🙂


With a quiet Halloween night at home, I still managed to keep the spooky spirit and make some ghostly cookies, watch scary movies and become the beautiful Frieda Kahlo for an evening. The puppy was very last minute boredom. Not a bad time

So October, It’s been real but me and Baby K are ready for Pumpkin pie, Turkey legs and better bath and body works candles .



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