A Letter to my Unborn 💕

     I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to meet someone more in my entire life and even though the slightest idea of you ripping me a new vagina, having to protect you from the big bad wolves of the world and teaching you to be a “better me” while learning to be a better me myself scares me out of my soul, there’s no gift I could possibly want more. 
I remember so clearly, It was 4th of July night when I surprised your daddy by telling him you were coming. He was so happy. “You should’ve seen the look on his face.” He cried and grabbed my hands and we stepped outside our little home and watched the fireworks. He hugged his arms around US and made a promise to me I will never forget. (I’ll tell you about it one day.) but at that moment, I realized this was meant to be. I didn’t have to worry and everything was going to be just fine. 

Once you get here, You’ll have a big family of Nanas, Papas, aunties, Uncles and Cousins that can’t wait to meet you. They will be a big part of your life and I’m sure they’ll spoil you rotten but you will grow up to love them so much and be very close to them. 

Some days I’m struck by daydreams and left wondering… What will you look like? Will you have your daddy’s smile? My adventurous side? My oversized head? “Yikes!” I hope that gene skips you but if not, I pray you have a really strong neck.

 I can’t wait to teach you healthy ways of living and help you to learn love and nurture your body. You can help mommy cook in the kitchen and I will take you to pick strawberries one day. We can even learn to make new things together. I just know your creativity will be out of this world, I can feel it. 
I also wonder, What will you teach me?

 Maybe you’ll help me to lose my pesky selfish streak and I’ll learn to share and perhaps, let other people be right sometimes, maybe even learn to be a little nicer to daddy once and awhile but anywho…enough about my flaws. 

I can’t even imagine the motivation you’ll give me. Your not even here yet and I already want to do better for myself and our family. I hope to be a nutritionist and personal trainer soon so I can share my knowledge and help teach others to live long, healthy lives. I know your smile will keep me pushing in the right direction everyday. 

I hope thattake trips far, far away together and see the world. That we may make wonderful memories so you can grow up and share them with your own family and children one day. 

Overall, You will have nothing but support and guidance from me. I’ll never turn you away and I’ll always make sure you know you are loved and cared for. I can already feel an entire new kind of love growing inside my chest that feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before. 

Just know, I got you Kiddo! I love you and I’ll see you soon.

Love you always and forever,

-Mommy ❤️

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  1. mama says:

    omgosh. Summ, that is so freakin’ beautiful!! I’m sitting here w/ the tears just rolling down my cheeks…. I can’t wait to meet either!


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