My #ONE month Social Media Detox

A total Absence from Social Networks ??? What an interesting way to bring in the Summer, especially considering that’s when my life starts to get a little interesting. Nevertheless, I made the decision that once I got back from My Vegas Vacation I was going to take a little break from My social Platforms and gain some much needed clarity and balance back into my “Oh so hectic”life. I also thought it might help me to focus on more important things going on in my life, without so much distraction. Plus, I literally could’t remember the last time I logged off social media for longer than a day, I felt as if I was becoming addicted.

 Little did I know, along this “little experiment” I was in for a big surprise!


Over the past month (June 1st-July 1st) I’ve totally detoxed myself from social media, meaning… I announced I was going to going on the Detox on Day1Million on Facebook and also Snapchat, I then logged out, deleted my social apps from all my Devices. (to avoid the slightest temptation or opening them by force of habit.) “Outta sight, outta mind”, right? Hardly.

I decided to give up my 4 favorite, most used, and most distracting platforms, that being (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr)… Logged off/ stopped using Twitter awhile back. Admittedly, I did decide to keep #ONE Platform, that being (This Blog) So I could  1. Continue to make notes in this post and 2. To help get this Blog ready for my Day1Millionaires as promised But, that is all I would allow myself to do. No commenting, like’n, sharing, surfin… Nada, Zilch!

Now, Most all of us are guilty at some point or another. We know we are spending to much time on social media but how might you know that you need a good detoxing from the Junk yourself


  • Have you had the mere thought “I spend too much time on my phone?
  • You find yourself more focused/entertained by other people’s lives, whereabouts, posts than your own (You may not even notice your doing it.)
  • You find yourself posting entirely too often.
  • Do you wake up and check your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  • Do you ever even think about using any of your social apps while operating a motor vehicle?
  • Have you said “hashtag” out-loud?
  • Have you, even once, called or texted someone to relay what another person has posted.
  • Can you not imagine yourself going days, let alone weeks without these “social” tools?

if you said “YES” to any 3 or more, maybe you should consider doing this detox as well.


Here is my Social Detox experience !


 Week 1

Complete Torture!!! I unlocked my Iphone almost every hour on the hour only to be reminded that all the same apps my fingers seemed to magnetize their selves to, were gone. I found myself taking photos, planning post them later (I couldn’t decide if this was “cheating” or not) This went on for at least 3 or 4 days before I slowly started detaching my phone from my hip. I then started spending any free/ bored moments either trying to free up space on my phone by deleting photos, reading my kindle, Doing research,  working out/ doing yoga, and Downsizing/ packing up my apartment (You can imagine the fun in that one.)

Week 2

Somewhat easier but, I still managed to think about the “Snapchat worthy moments in my day” or hitting up someone who I only have on my Social sites. Though, at the same time it was becoming easier to leave my IPhone, IPad and Laptop alone to engage in other activities.

Week 3

I can’t believe I’m saying it but… By this point I wasn’t missing Social Media whatsoever. I was getting so much  more done for myself and also becoming more sociable in the (real world.) keeping longer convos, I even managed to forget my phone at home a couple times. 

Week 4

Ultimate Bliss!

Okay, I can’t say everything in my life was perfect since the detox but I can say I became much more mentally focused by the last week. I had most of my ducks in a row and I seriously began to question whether or not I wanted to log back in after the month was over, but I knew I promised a few people I would get back on Day1Million’s group and snap.

One Month after…

I feel totally refreshed. The detox actually sort of felt like a vacation. Plus… I kept focused on My fitness and managed to lose 12 more pounds. SCORE! Yes, I have re-entered the social-media world, but with caution and not without making a few conscious adjustments to my cyber routine:

  1. I will not use social media to distract myself from problems in my own life.
  2. I will not check my phone PERiOD, when engaging in convo or activities with others. (Unless necessary)
  3. I Will spend less time online.
  4. I will Not continuously check or scroll through my feeds solely out of boredom.

A few extras…

Like I mentioned, while most everything was positive on my detox I did notice a few things.

  • It was hard not getting a chance to keep in touch with those needing a motivator through Day1Million.
  • “Friends” did not keep up with me nor my wellbeing or even just check in.
  • I noticed how much other people are addicted to their phones and social media (hoping I’m not as bad as them)
  • My social anxiety didn’t seem to change much but it didn’t get worse.

Overall, This was a very positive experience for me and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and possibly put thought into trying it out for yourselves. Comment and Let me know if you do and how it goes for you.

          XO, – Summer

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