My 201lb Weight Loss Journey 

 Yes, you read that correctly. 

Last year I set out on a quest to lose 200lbs, but that number started out as nothing shy of a fantasy… almost like something I would wish for when flipping a coin into a Wishing well or Blowing out birthday candles, but most definitely something I never imagined actually happening. 

Of course like many others, I thought I had tried my hardest, countless times before, thinking I had done possibly everything I could to lose the weight but in all reality I had no idea how much work it truly was. Once I finally did it, it made all those (before efforts) look worthless. Although so very many people think this transformation seemed to happen overnight for… IT DIDN’T! All together the process took me about 15 months, which may seem fast to some but with as hard as i was pushing myself and disciplining myself, it only seemed right to me. (Sweatiest year and a half of my life!)

I Began My Journey Weighing in at 401 lbs in late June of 2014. Sad to say but, I was used to seeing my weight fluctuate in the higher 300’s for most of my life and Although I knew my weight was always a growing problem and the cause of my health problems, I managed to brush it off and continued living the unhealthy lifestyle I was. Often thinking This is how my friends, peers… EVERYBODY else is living, Why the Fuck can’t I ?  But sooner than later, I would find out exactly why. The Health Issues, constant ridicule/bullying and not being taken serious was becoming unbearable. Soon after a very traumatic incident (which I will explain in a future post) I was at the lowest point in my life, so low that there was nowhere else to go but up. I had an epiphany!! 


It was time to make a change, for once and for all. No more excuses, no more “trying.” Only doing! This time I wasn’t giving up, No matter what! 


  • How did you start off on your Journey?

(I always tell anyone who asks me this) My boyfriend let me know he was going to start changing his life  to become Healthy and fit himself and basically He was going to do it with or without me, but hopefully with me. He then made a bet with me that I couldn’t go 1 month without eating Red meat, easy enough right? “Haaa!”, I was eating a steak by the 3rd day but He convinced me to give it another try, and i did. I think there may’ve been some type of incentive, can’t quite remember. This time I managed to stick with it for the full month and in that month, I lost exactly 30 POUNDS! i couldn’t believe it. I was in shock, stunned to say the least. I mean seriously… THIRTY POUNDS! that’s a pound a day and keep in mind, this was the only change i had made that during that month, My food intake was still the same, still had yet to step into a gym or workout, so you can imagine from that day forward I totally let Red meat go. Honestly, I don’t plan on ever reintroducing it into my diet. (same with pork.) I went on eating “meatless” for about two months, before i eveen began incorporating exercise into my routine.

  • Who was your support Team?

Not a damn soul besides My boyfriend. In the beginning we were the only support/motivation we had. Our families still keeping around all the unhealthy foods around. Our friends always came around with unhealthy plans and activities that would only stunt or progress, so we slowly started to pull away from those unhealthy habits / people. It seemed as if no one understood why we started our quest to health but, once our progress  became noticeable, everybody  hopped on the bandwagon. Saying I knew you could do it! Or acting as if they were there the whole time.

  • What was the hardest part of your Journey?

Staying away from spur of the moment cravings for 1. When I started, I was teaching at a daycare in my hometown so you can imagine the parties we had with all kinds of sweets and Junk food plus, some of the unhealthy snacks/meals that were served. Also, some days that I didn’t feel like going to the gym period, I still went, and pushed myself harder.

  • If you could go back to the beginning when you started, is there anything you would change?

I would’ve kept myself more hydrated and kept up with a skin regimen of moisturizing and brushing to help with excess skin after the loss. Also, I would’ve added in more calisthenics and weight training earlier on, rather than doing strictly cardio for so many months.

  • Now that you’ve lost 200lbs, what are your next steps in your journey? Are you finished? Do you have any new goals? 

I don’t believe “The Journey” is ever over in a case like this. It’s almost like an never ending  battle. Now that I lost 200, I’m looking to reach my final goal of A toned 170-160, (-30-40lbs) and continue saving and fundraising for my excess skin removal surgeries.

“I still have a new and longer Journey ahead of me, which I am totally ready to conquer! There’s a warrior in all of us and I choose to fight another battle.”

“If there is one thing I’ve learned through everything it’s that you have to be enough. It may sound cheesy and a lot of people may say it, but you have to live with yourself the rest of your life. Positive thinking is so crucial”


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  1. This is such an amazing transformation and it just goes to prove that you can do tough things if you really put your mind to it! I wish you luck for raising your money. 🙂

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    1. day1million says:

      Thank you so much ❤️. It means more than you know.

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